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Queer Geeks Vienna Treffen am 17. Mai 2013

Bereits zweimal gab es auch in Wien ein Queer Geeks Treffen, inspiriert von den monatlichen Zusammentreffen Berliner Queer Geeks and Naughty Nerds. Nun ist in Wien auch das dritte Queer Geeks Treffen angesagt, und zwar am Freitag, 17. Mai 2013

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Sexism on the web and in hacker spaces revisited!

About half a year ago, I put together some notes on “Sexism on the web and in hacker spaces“, because there have been a lot of ugly things going on over the summer which urged me to voice some concerns

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Sexism on the web and in hacker spaces

This summer so far, there was a whole lotta fuzz about sexism on the web and in hacker spaces. And that is a good thing, because still too many people believe this is just a minor issue and that we

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Macht Gender Unterschied in der Informatik?

Am Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2012 um 18.30 Uhr wird Cecile K. M. Crutzen im Hörsaal 1 des NIG einen Vortrag zum Thema “Macht Gender Unterschied in der Informatik?” halten. In ihrem Vortrag wird es dabei weniger um quantative Betrachtungen und

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No, we are not post-gender!

Last week a blog post of the Communications of the ACM, written by Mark Guzdial asked the question “U.S. Women in Computing: Why Isn’t It Getting Better?“. His answer then was that it primarily might be due to computer scientists

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