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#4 Migrate Contacts and Calendar to Fairphone

It’s been a while since the last post in the series “Freiheit nehmen”. I was busy with working (Mobile Banking stuff) and reading (Andreas Huyssen : Present Pasts – Urban Palimpsets and the politics of memory). Moreover, I started to

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#3: Fairphone <- Mediatek chipset -> Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

You know ADB? Android Debugger Bridge? It lets you interact with your device from your Desktop. If your Desktop has Windows as operating system, it’s likely that the Fairphone will be detected automatically. On my Ubuntu 12.04 LTS this was

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#2: Migrate to Fairphone. Calendar Mess

The first post of this blog series (written in German) was A New Year’s resolution to gain more control in the digital sphere. It just happened that the devices that we are supposed to own transformed themselves from being a

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Freiheit nehmen im Cyberspace. #1: Vorsätze

Einer meiner Vorsätze 2014 ist, Kontrolle über die digitalen Werkzeuge zu bekommen, die ich im täglichen Leben verwende, also: meine Gadgets (PC,Smartphone,Netzwerke). Und über die Gewohnheiten im Netz. Der Jänner ist der Monat, wo man sich an die Vorsätze vom

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